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Colorado Native

I have lived in Colorado for 39 years and not until I became a realtor did I realize how cool most of the Denver metro cities, including Denver that I have driven through my whole life really, are. I was just down in Cherry Creek North and I have driven around there a ton over my lifetime and I remember it being fun as a young kid, a teenager and a young adult, but I never appreciated the uniqueness of it when I was younger. I only focused on how fun it was to be in the area or when to avoid it. I went to college at the University of Denver and I lived on Cherry Creek Drive South and was always driving around in this area, my boyfriend at the time worked at the mall and my best friend worked at one of the restaurants in Cherry Creek North. I was constantly over there driving through the neighborhoods and trying to find a new place to eat or hang out or to park. One of my favorite places was the Tattered Cover Book Store, which has since moved to Colfax. Now, driving down 7th Ave or 6th Ave and seeing how cool the houses are, was never a priority of mine when I was younger. Now that I am older and own real estate I appreciate the unique qualities that some of these houses have. It also brings back memories of when I was younger and how much fun I had in these areas. As I drove through the area today I was a little bit sad, because I remember driving around down there, but I don't remember the places or the homes. I don't know if a large old neighborhood tree fell in one of our spring snow storms or if a store went out of business or if a home was bought and scrapped. I remember being able to navigate a lot of the cities in the Denver metro area, but now I need a GPS system to figure out where I am going. I believe that being so dependent on GPS makes us forget to pay attention to our surrounding cities and forgetting that we know these places. Which brings me to the idea of getting re-aquatinted with the cities I grew up in this time as an adult and letting my children enjoy the cities as I did as a child and perhaps bring some insight to myself, my children and to you the audience. You can either discover or rediscover the amazing cities and what they have to offer with me.

First stop Arvada.

Fillmore St and 6th Ave
Cherry Creek North-Fillmore St. and 6th Ave.

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