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Bedtime seems like a suggestion at my house instead of a requirement. We begin or routine everyday around 5:30-6pm after dinner. We have baths, we read books and then we watch a nighttime show. Snacks have to be consumed before 8pm and then teeth will be brushed and then off to bed by 830pm. I have contemplated eliminating the nighttime show, because I think this is where the breakdown happens. Every time I tell everyone that it's time to brush teeth and get ready for bed all three kids whine and cry and waste time with silly requests like another glass of water. Now I am a push over sometimes, but when it is 8:30pm if nobody is in bed than we have problems, so reluctantly the three little ones go to bed, but it seems like it could be a little less stressful and a little more smooth. I have tried all sorts of options, but the results are the same. I have pretty much resigned myself to this just being the way this house runs, but I still feel like I could do more or better. Like my last post I get mom guilt and feel like I have failed as a mom, because my kids don't listen to me and resist bedtime. Even though I know this is just growing pains. I do feel deflated most days when everything doesn't go as planned or go smoothly. Although at the end of the day I do celebrate the fact that my kids are at least in bed at 8:30pm and they have brushed their teeth and kissed and hugged me goodnight. I always say something positive to them as they go to sleep, most nights its that I am proud to be their mom.

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