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6 Tips for the winter home trends!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Good morning, it is real estate tips Tuesday, and this week's tips, we are going to talk about some of the trends that we are seeing in the real estate world, while we're dealing with this COVID pandemic. As winter sets on, it is going to be a little bit harder to stay inside constantly, with all your family members, either going to school or working or just trying to relax. So here are some trends and some tips to help you with your home during this pandemic in the wintertime. With a pandemic that has been going on everybody has been a little bit more on edge kind of depressed because their homes, just are not big enough to accommodate being at home for long periods of time. And now, winters setting in, so you will not even get a chance, in some areas, to get out and enjoy the space outside. So here are some tips to upgrading your home, so that you can be comfortable and productive in your space.

Tip number one is to upgrade your outdoor space. I did a whole video on some of the things that you can do to upgrade your outdoor space. But basically, what you are looking for is somewhere where everybody has a place in it, where there's places to lounge, or there's places to play, and it's inviting, comfortable and especially warm in the wintertime. That way, if it is too much to be in the house and be comfortable, you can go outside to get some alone time.

Tip number two, if you have the space for it, you want to try to create a functional office or classroom. So that way it is separate from the rest of the house. This way you can be more productive, and the space is less chaotic, while everything else is going on around you. If you do not have the space, Tuff Shed has been coming up with great ideas for sheds that convert into office spaces. This gives you the feel of actually going into an office, or perhaps a classroom. In the sense that you can walk out to your backyard and into your own space separate from the house.

Tip number three, we have seen in the real estate world a trend of people not really wanting an open space floorplan. People are really wanting to have some separation now. So, the home you have now or the home you are looking at, may have an open floor plan and if it does there are some things you can do to separate the rooms. You can do something like put in barn doors or French doors, maybe even a pocket door. If those are not an option, you can always go to a home furnishing store and get some kind of room dividers to separate rooms.

Tip number four, this trend is starting to pick up a little bit too, because people are not wanting to go to a gym. So if you have the space you might want to create your own gym with a few things in it, so that you can still keep in shape, especially during the winter months when it's harder to get motivated. You can also think about doing a shed if you do not have the space in your home. Just like a home office, you can create a shed that has some items in it that you can use for your workouts to keep you healthy, energized and ready to tackle the day.

Tip number five on the trend that we're seeing is the in-law space, because there are a lot of people out there that don't want their loved ones in nursing homes anymore, so they're bringing them back into the home. You still want to try and keep their space separate from the rest of the house, so that everyone has their own space, and it does not get overcrowded. Having an ADU, additional dwelling unit, either attached to your home or separate from your home is a great idea to keep your elderly loved ones in a space that they can call their own. In addition to this, it can also be used as an investment property later, such as an Airbnb, or a long-term rental.

Tip number 6 of trends that we are seeing a lot of is really updating your mudroom/laundry room. People are really thinking about cleanliness and trying to keep everything, super clean and healthy in their house. Having a nice laundry room that's big enough to accommodate all these types of things, or mudroom where you can take off all of your masks, your gloves and your shoes before you go into your home to try to keep it from getting the germs inside your house is really nice. So that is a trend that we have seen a little bit as well, not to mention it's super convenient to have everything in one space. So, you are not having to travel up and down and around stairs and all over the house trying to tame all the craziness that is laundry or outdoor wear.

If you have any questions on any of these topics or you would like to talk about any kind of real estate related topics, please contact me and if you liked this blog please subscribe so that you can get these great tips into your email box, every week and until next week, have a wonderful safe, healthy, and hopefully relaxing rest of the week.

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